Generally, a disappointing month for the print circulation figures of British newsbrands, the Daily Mail was the only daily paper to document any growth across November 2014.
From popular reads to quality titles, decreasing audience sizes was a common feature across the board. The Daily Star and The Sun fared the worse, having fallen by 2.7% and 2.4% respectively.
Even with news of profit and annual growth for The Times, the paper lost 0.9% of its audience in November. This was matched by ‘i’, sister title to the Independent who reported a fall of 1.3%. The Guardian was slightly better off, with readership only having fallen by 0.7%.
On average, the daily titles were down 1.4%.
Turning our attention to the Sunday market, three titles recorded an audience increase with quality titles, The Observer and the Sunday Times having brought in an additional 1,206 and 285 readers across November. Popular title, the Sunday Mail, saw a readership increase of 2,413 copies. Otherwise it was bad news all round, resulting in an average fall of 2% for Sunday titles.
As we approach the final few weeks of 2014 it’ll be interesting to reflect on the successes and failures of British newsbrands across the year, as journalism becomes increasingly digital and newsbrands (attempt to) respond accordingly.