Taking a look at the latest ABC online figures documenting the number of visitors browsing news websites in December, it’s no surprise that as people switched off their office desktops for the Christmas break, traffic dropped. Here’s a few of the key figures cueing to which newbrands made successes of themselves across the festive period, and which struggled to attract visitors.


Monthly Winners (monthly change in average daily audience)
Dailystar.co.uk +7.47%
Daily Post (Wales) +3.49%
Express.co.uk +1.16%
Teesside Evening Gazette +0.30%


We’re chuffed to see a Welsh title up there amongst the only four sites to have brought in larger average daily audiences in December (compared to November 2014). This is good news for brands looking to target the North Wales region through online advertising.


Generally however, regional platforms did not have a strong month in December, with massive drops in online visitors for Birmingham Mail, Newcastle Chronicle and Wales Online.


Monthly Losers (monthly change in average daily audience)
Birmingham Mail -18.66%
NewcastleChroniclelive.co.uk -18.33%
Wales Online -17.63%


Biggest Overall audiences (daily average unique browsers)
MailOnline 12,243,627 (-2.31%)
guardian.co.uk 5,899,757 (-2.34%)
Telegraph 3,454,610 (-5.83%)


Audience sizes were relatively stable for the largest online newsbrands, MailOnline and guardian.co.uk, falling just 2.31% and 2.34% respectively. However, with nearly 200 million total global visitors across the month, DailyMail was up a massive 23.6% year on year.


So, a predictable mix of highs and lows for online newsbrands in December. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on January performances when the full report is released next month. If, however, you can’t wait until then and have some specific queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – always happy to answer questions!