After a lull in online news consumption toward the end of 2014, figures have picked up once again in January, with all national newspaper websites reporting increased audiences. Our predictions were correct – as professionals trickled back into the office following the festive period and dusted off their computer screens, the number of average daily unique browsers experienced a New Year boost.


We’d usually take this opportunity to report on the ‘Monthly Winners’ and ‘Monthly Losers’ but as a refreshing start to the year, not one online title (of all ABC-audited websites) reported a decrease in audience size.


The Mail Online continued to bring in the highest number of unique browsers, recording nearly 14 million average daily users in January (up 13.9%). The Guardian followed with an average daily audience of just under 7 million (up 18.6%).


The largest increase was experienced by regional title,, having grown by a massive 61.2% across the month, now reaching nearly half a million browsers daily. A little closer to home the Daily Post saw its audience increase by over 50%, bringing in an average of nearly 64,000 daily browsers. Wales Online, too, reported growth with over 222,300 average daily browsers (up 24.6%).


Other regional titles including the Huddersfield Daily Examiner (up 33.6%), (35.7%), and the Birmingham Mail (39.8%) also enjoyed large increases in their online audiences.


We expect that as online browsers settle into the New Year so will fluctuations in the audience sizes on these online news outlets. We’ll be sure to keep you posted same time, same place, next month!