What a month for online newspapers!


The MailOnline, the most visited online newsbrand, exceeded 11 million average unique browsers in May having grown by 0.79% across the month. Whilst The Guardian (-0.06%), the Telegraph (-1.69%) and the Trinity Mirror Nationals (-2.73%) all saw slight drops in their audiences, the marginal losses are far from game changing.


It was the smaller online reads and regional titles that enjoyed the most dramatic growth in May. Metro, having recently been purchased by the Daily Mail & General Trust, have certainly benefited from the expertise shared by the parent company, with the site having seen an audience increase of 18.09%. Both The Express and The Daily Star enjoyed massive boosts with 17.73% and 33.88% growth respectively. Readers are clearly reacting to the effort and investment these newsbrands are putting into their online offering as they reassess the design, layout and content of their sites (good practise is becoming the norm rather than exceptional).


Regional reads, the Manchester Evening News (13.9%) and the Liverpool Echo (6.14%) saw strong performances in May. There has been a discrepancy between the rate at which local papers are losing print readers and their digital performance, if this is a sign of that discrepancy closing then it is certainly great news for advertisers.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. The growing popularity of small online newsbrands will have (positive) knock-on effects in the media industry. As these sites become more attractive advertising spaces for brands looking to reach broad and varied audiences, larger brands (with larger budgets) will invest. This will provide crucial funding and opportunity for these smaller sites to then continue to improve their online offering, which in turn will increase competition between all online newsbrands. Onwards and upwards!