It is hard to beat a poster as a means of presenting information in an attention grabbing fashion. The winning combination of text and graphics, all within the strict physical rules of the format, has seen the humble poster used for a whole range of purposes; as a means of political protest, self expression and, of course, a highly effective advertising format.


Way to go humble poster!


Poster design is both an artform and a science. Demanding and thoroughly satisfying. You should be aware of what works, but also know when to blow convention out of the water. Having said that when we design advertising posters we try to work with these two tenets in mind:


  • Have a clear focus, subject and message
  • Make sure the design grabs attention, engages the audience but doesn’t get in the way of the message


Good design alone isn’t enough to make a really effective poster. The poster needs to carry the unique message, and do so in a way that shows that uniqueness visually. Obviously you need to have the brand/product/service in mind, but a poster needs to distil that further. What really matters, to both the audience and the brand behind the poster? Zeroing in on the subject is the first thing we do, as it will inform the design.


The designer needs to take the subject knowledge and and view it through the prism of colour, typography and visual hierarchy. Posters don’t necessarily need to shout, but they do need to be bold. Most elements of poster design reflect this need: the ability to stop someone on the street and grab their attention for long enough to get the message across, grabbing attention but doing so in a way that doesn’t get in the way of the message.


Take a look at the poster we designed for Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru to see whether you think we followed our own advice.