After a mixed bag of results throughout the first quarter of 2014, we’re now able to take a sneak peak at the national newspaper circulation figures for April and see how things are looking going into the second quarter.


Turning our attention to daily papers first, the strongest performance came from The Sun which continued the growth reported in March, with a further 1.05% rise in average circulation. The Times, too, maintained a steady increase of 0.83% and the Daily Mirror looked to be picking up their pace with 0.78% growth. The Daily Mail, who suffered in March, enjoyed 0.8% growth.


The success seen by the Times was a unique performance in the quality newspaper market, with the vast majority of competitors suffering big falls in average circulation figures. The Financial Times was hardest hit, with a 2.7% loss – bad news for the paper, who looked to be raising their game back in March. The Guardian and the Independent maintained their deceleration with 0.78% and 0.86% losses respectively.


Overall, the daily market enjoyed a reasonable 0.3% increase in average circulation figures throughout April.


The Sunday newspaper figures mirrored those of the dailies, with popular/mid-market titles massively out-performing the quality reads. The Sun on Sunday and Sunday Express led the pack (2.03% and 1.08% growth respectively) whilst the Sunday Telegraph and the Observer churned out some dismal figures (1.83% and 3.61% losses respectively).


In sum, it appears that the April national newspaper figures paint a relatively positive picture for popular/mid-market reads, whilst quality titles continue to struggle to perform in this ever-changing media world.


Share of Top 10 National Newspaper Daily Title for Avg. Net Circulation
(supplied by Mediatel).

By Angharad Edwards