Fresh, independent soft-furnishings company, FelinFach, specialise in designing and producing handmade cushions, blankets and bedding using 100% Welsh wool. Based in Pembrokeshire, they pride themselves on their traditional roots, locally sourced materials and quality products.
Through a recommendation they approached our design team with a rebranding challenge. The company required a brand marque that was unique, honoured their environment and conveyed the high quality of their products, whilst maintaining a modern appeal. It was important that the FelinFach identity did not become a cliché, and remained detached from the tweedy stigma often associated with Welsh craft furnishings.
The first step was deciding on a style that would direct design, with the team proposing contemporary, boho or kitsh. The client was presented with three clarity boards, a selection of images aimed to visualise the essence of the brand in these individual styles.
Having chosen the ‘contemporary’ style, the design team started developing concepts. Considerations included the client’s colour palette and where the branded material would be seen (tags, business cards, receipts). Four perspective logos were developed that portrayed natural, high-quality in the contemporary style.
Having picked a logo idea, we then invited the client into the creative process, using their input to rework final details in the design.
The final design referenced the natural surroundings of FelinFach, incorporating earthy tones and elegant, clean cut style.
By Angharad Edwards