If advertising is storytelling, branding is character development.

Without good characters, stories are meaningless. And, without solid branding, advertising campaigns can fall flat. We want heroes we can cheer, baddies to hiss and authentic backstories.

And that’s branding, uncovering your brand’s true character and crafting the way that character communicates, feels and looks.

It could be honing a logo, adjusting your tone of voice or a complete rethink and redesign of your brand, whatever it is, before you can understand what you want and what to design, you’ve got to really know your character.

It can sound scary and sometimes brands spend many pounds and even more time trying to figure it out, but it shouldn’t be that difficult.

If you understand a character, really know them, you’ll know instinctively how they’d talk, how they’d behave and look. And so, you’ll know exactly how your brand should look, behave and communicate.

To understand that, or at least start you on the journey, sometimes all it takes is a pencil, some imagination and a character creation sheet.

If you’re thinking about your brand and need some design work, or even some free advice, give us a shout.