There are lots of ways to attract attention, but if you want to do it quickly and at the expense of others in a crowded marketplace, the best bet is to get dramatic with colour.


There is research which suggests that consumers react in a considered and more positive way to ‘cool’ colours, but are more quickly drawn by ‘warm’ colours. Which might mean that when attention is at a premium (rather than high end sales conversions), warmer and more vibrant colours are the way forward.


It suits many brands to focus on getting a consumers attention first, even if it is at the expense of a little high-end credibility. Think about mobile operating giants, T-Mobile and Orange. It is a hugely competitive marketplace, with similar products and very little differentiation. They scream for attention in the quickest way they can do.


Actually, once you have signed that contract, the long slow relationship with the brand is pretty much a done deal. The pink and orange has done it’s job in attracting new customers in the first place.


Obviously, this retina burning approach won’t work for all brands. It can be positively detrimental for organisations looking to differentiate on quality of product, or those seeking to reach for a highly professional first impact – but for organisations who need their branding to jump out from the crowd, bright colours are a surefire way of doing that.


We love (considered) bright colour branding. It might not be subtle but there is definitely a time and a place for it. Get in touch to ask us whether it might be suitable for your organisation.