We know that applying for a job is a bit of a big deal.  People think they have to do all of the hard work and that it’s easy for the employer.  That simply isn’t true.  When we decide to recruit, it’s a bit of a big deal too.  Will anyone apply?  Will the candidates be awesome?  Will they fit in? So many questions.

We all get used to, and comfortable within, a certain environment. Many of us may think ‘why bother?’, if applying will only lead to rejection anyway. Well, why not bother? Employers may well be looking for a key skill or personality trait that you possess that you have underestimated within yourself (whether this includes specific qualifications or not).

By a fortunate coincidence we happen to be recruiting right now. Well what better time to grab the opportunity to come and work for us then?

With this in mind we take a look at how you might get a job at Hello Starling.

How to get a career with us




This may seem rather obvious, but as we say above, many of you will be put off applying for a job with us either due to the fact that – while your current occupation is not particularly stimulating – it is comfortable. You know how to do it, and you are good at it. So what is so wrong about that? Well, only you can answer that one. But is there a better time to ask the question than right here, right now?

Others may not bother because your qualifications or experience do not match the criteria that we are looking for. What we would say to you is don’t let that hold you back! What is the worst that can happen? Your CV and covering letter get rejected… so what? If you really want to make that next step, then make it happen! Tell prospective employers why your career and life experiences make you perfect for the job and you may just get to where you want to go!

Get our attention

“We work with attention seekers (Like you*)”. It’s plastered across our billboards and most of our advertising merchandise. As an advertising agency we work with clients to make sure that they receive as much positive attention as possible.  That attention is designed to deliver results. It goes without saying therefore that getting our attention is a good place to start!

If you have an interesting (and relevant) story to tell, or if you have a particular skill that has the potential to enhance your CV beyond a standard copy and paste job, then show it off to us in the way that you think best reflects your suitability for the job role. Be creative with your application, after all, we work in a creative industry.

Make an effort with a cover letter

One of our biggest frustrations when looking through applications has been encountering a good CV without the accompaniment of a covering letter. While some recruitment websites may state that sending a covering letter is ‘optional’, this does not necessarily mean that this is the right option to take!

Yes, not sending a covering letter may save time when you are applying for lots of jobs, but this is exactly the impression that it gives to us when we open up a CV only to find the other half of the application missing. A covering letter is your opportunity to tell us “why you”. It is your opportunity to do exactly what we suggest above and to let us know, not just your qualifications, but what makes these facts about your professional life so far interesting or different to everyone else. It is your opportunity to really grab our attention… Don’t miss it!

Get in touch

Ideally we want our staff to stay with us. As well as being a fun, friendly and exciting place to work therefore, we also do our best to ensure that you enjoy your time with us while you are here (the perks do not end at 40 days annual leave plus bank holidays). More information about specific positions and the Hello Starling working environment can be found via our careers page, but please do get in touch if you have any queries.

Hopefully by now you should have some confidence and motivation to take your first steps to applying for a career with us. With this in mind we would urge you to keep an eye out on our next blog where we will dig a little deeper into the application process and let you know how not to get a job with us. Make sure you watch out for this! After all, there really is no better opportunity to tailor your CV and application than getting the inside track from the recruiters!

Team HS