Before we get to the article itself, I have a confession to make: I can’t stop thinking about a trip I took to a cinema last week to see Spider-Man: Homecoming. I had been excited for the week leading up to the visit; excited for the film, sure, but also for the oversized, overpriced bucket of popcorn, the dark anticipation of the theatre and even the adverts beforehand. Because the adverts and trailers are as much a part of cinema going as anything else, an intrinsic and necessary part of the of the experience for as long as any of us have been going to the cinema.


What other format delivers such a primed and engaged audience? I honestly can’t think of one off the top of my head. But then, what with all of the swinging around and taser webs taking up so much space there might not be room for much else.


Let’s try and focus for a moment and take a look at some of the reasons why advertising in the cinema is so effective.


A receptive audience with a positive mindset


The audience wants to be there, they planned to be there, intend to enjoy themselves and are ready for the entertainment, ads and all.


The audience in the cinema is captive and has a high recall


As above, few other formats deliver audiences that are more engaged in the brand messages. While TV has the benefit of frequency, a cinema audience can’t switch, could hardly avoid the massive, premium screen if they wanted to (or the bass surround), and display better ad recall as a result. Add decent creative to the mix and you have all of the ingredients for a high-performance advert.


Affluent and educated consumers


Obviously, different films attract different audiences, but people who go to the cinema a lot tend to be young, early adopters and have money to spend (46% are 18-34 and 54% are ABC1 (Source: CAA Film Monitor Coverage & Frequency and TGI GB Q216 respectively). Not a bad mix.


Target Local Audience


Different locations provide specific location based audiences. Local ads are targeted, flexible and affordable, and as a result very suitable for local brands.


So the next time you’re at the cinema, look closer. Cinemagoers are some of the most engaged audiences in the media mix. Cinema is special to a lot of people. It’s a socially immersive experience that can be shared and with new technology and ever more blockbuster films to come, you might need to buy some more popcorn to get you through it all.



by James Robinson