There’s a lot going on, all the time, across Twitter, Facebook and beyond. Most of the time it may seem like the content you’re putting out just gets washed away by the shifting tides of social media. And, quite frankly, that’s exactly what happens. Why? Because it’s usually the same, the same as the post last week, the same as that tweet the other guys posted, the same as the one the first people posted two years ago. Another drop of grey in an ocean of it.


This homogenisation will kill your content if your next post is the same again, but it does offer opportunity. With so much similar, drab content, anything that emerges with just a little bit of colour is immediately recognisable, eye-catching and engaging. So it’s possible to grab the spotlight with just a little innovation.


Here’s one campaign that stepped outside of the norm to achieve what we all want – a social presence that gets you attention.


Campaign: #OrangeSponsorsYou

Company: Orange


During the 2016 Euros a lot of brands, including other telecom companies, focussed on the stars of the game, celebrities and themselves. Orange did something a little different, adding a little colour (probably orange) to the grey. They focussed on the fans. Kicking off the campaign with an international TV advert, starring 1998 World Cup winner Zinédine Zidane on a quest to find the best football fans in the world, Orange engaged their followers and set up a concept that would see them increase their social media engagement threefold during the tournament and for several months afterwards. By the end of the year Orange would be the most engaging telecom brand in France.



Their social content promoted the search for the biggest, most passionate football fans in the world. This prompted user generated content in the form of fan videos and conversation about people’s passion for football. Ever increasing Orange’s social media presence.


Another stroke of genius was the implementation of real world changes in response to social media activity. Bringing the digital out into the world. Orange encouraged fans to hashtag ‘#OrangeSponsorsYou’ along with their national team’s tag every match day. The team with the most hashtags were rewarded with their colours lighting up the Eiffel Tower that night.



Lastly they used Facebook’s 360 video platform to deploy an online advert that had fans re-watching, re-tweeting, sharing and talking about Orange and the campaign for months to come. While all the other brands were trying to win the eyes and ears of their audiences with celebrities and players, Orange were talking and engaging directly with their customers.  If you want to see how they made it, take a look at this video:



All of this colour from one campaign. Granted, you may not have the budget of an international telecom brand, but that’s no reason to always operate inside the box. Bring social media into the real world, encourage engagement with new techniques and interesting content and approach something from a different angle. Most importantly though, like Orange, value your audience and don’t just add to the grey, give them some colour.