There’s not a single someone who isn’t creative. (That was a creative use of a double negative – don’t hate.)


Even if it’s just a tiny bit.

That’s how we got from caves to the Moon, that’s how we’ll get to Mars.

That’s how Mars Bars were invented.

And Milkyways and Maltesers, Lions bars, Cadbury’s fruit and n-

What were we talking about?




Creativity, as far as we can tell, is not being afraid of what people think of your ideas. Of you.


Creativity means finding that finger painting, single-minded toddler deep in your sub-conscious who holds up a sheet of brown for the world to see and is completely, deeply proud of it. Because it’s their creation – their masterpiece of the moment, an expression of the joy of creating on a page of scrap paper.

Then they drop it and move on.

Move on to dream up something new, with little to no worry of what anyone else thinks.


Being creative means not being self-aware and just doing. Letting your mind go to the magical and strange places it wants to go – outside of the lines drawn by your A-levels, by your friends, parents, offices, your MP, health and safety, the Easter bunny, airlines, the aliens, local council or the post-office.

Being creative means being free.


That’s not where it ends though.


You can’t end with the page of brown. Well, some people can get away with it, but most of us have to put in a little more work.

For most of us, nine out of every ten bits of creativity are pages of brown.

Then there’s that tenth bit, the one that lights up the page with colour.

That is why we can’t be afraid to be free and just create, no matter how bad the idea might be to start with, because we’ll get there.


For every nine Transformers movies there’s a Moonlight.


For every nine boring armchair adverts there’s a roaring, rumbling, white-horse surfing Guinness advert.


And for every nine pieces of dark brown scrap paper stuck to the fridge there’s one with blue sky, happy faces and just the right amount of fingers.



By Craig Bessell