Good creatives are sometimes thieves.


Not smash and grab, house breaking swag bag thieves but who, like any good record sampling DJ, know a good idea when they see it and store it away for a rainy day.


A good designer won’t ever steal an idea wholesale (it’s immoral and the PR is never good), but she will be adept at picking. It’s this piecemeal process that drives creativity forward, that is pushing forward modern graphic design (or music or architecture or, well, anything really) at a breakneck pace. It is an element of what makes ours the post-modern age, the ease with which ideas are shared and, hopefully with grace and due homage, nicked.


A brand new design, from Jon Ives original iPod (hello Dieter Raums) to Christopher Wren’s London (hello Rome) takes, gently, past elements that worked. Changing them enough (often mixing them with other scavenged tit-bits), to create something utterly new – yet reassuringly recognisable.