If you’re anything like us, you were glad to see the back of the debacle that was John Lewis’ ‘The Bear and the Hare’ vs. M&S’s ‘Alice in Oz’ vs. Sainsbury ‘Christmas Moments’ that hounded our screens in December 2013. However, with the release of the period’s viewing figures we can’t help but take a look and see how TV viewing faired at the end of the year and where advertisers were spending their cash in 2013.


With a 14.1% increase in advertising revenue across the year, it is impossible to ignore that ITV was a clear winner, carrying the 9% growth for Total Terrestrial.  Channel 4 and Channel 5 trail behind with 0.2% and 4.3% revenue growth respectively, whilst Satellite channels only enjoy a 2.2% increase overall.







As we see, contradicting common belief, TV isn’t dead! Whilst marginal in some areas, revenue growth is a positive indicator that something is going right. People are tuning in and we need to take note of this.


Looking at ITV’s success, what is it that’s convincing media buyers to open their wallets for these guys time and time again?  Check out these viewing figures for the most watched programmes of December 2013.








In December 2013 viewers were tuning in to two channels, and not much else. If you wanted your ad to be seen, where did you need to be? ITV.

Turning our attention to commercial impacts. Are people watching adverts? And if so, where? The graph below paints a clear picture.








Whilst the majority of channels, and indeed Total Broadcasting, show year-on-year decline in commercial impacts, ITV1 was positively thriving through 2013! Most specifically with the desirable ABC1 Adults and housewives with children demographics. From this we conclude that the increased money spent on spots for ITV – seemingly worthwhile!


ITV really was the “Brighter Side” in 2013.


Check back in with us later this month to see who kickstarted their way into 2014 and who fell behind the pack. Will ITV be able to keep up their December momentum?


 By Angharad Edwards