We’ve put together a brief overview of digital advert copy specifications.

With variations on so many different platforms, we thought we’d compose a list of the most common digital adverts and the recommended copy specifications for each.

Making it easier to keep your digital ad copy concise, clean and effective.

Google Search


Headline 1 30 characters
Headline 2 30 characters
Headline 3 30 characters
Description 1 90 characters


You can use one, two or three headlines – you don’t have to use all three every time. Utilise whatever suits your ad best!



Headline 1 | Headline 2 | Headline 3

Here is your description, anything more than 90 characters will be below the fold.


How it looks:

And here’s what happens when you exceed the character limit:

Beware the ellipsis…



Like most of the digital media, Facebook ads are now set up with a mobile-first mindset. Meaning all copy needs to be easy to read quickly on a phone screen without having to tap to expand the text field.


Headline 25 characters
Description 125 characters
Link Description 30 characters




A movie worth watching more than once! Avengers: Endgame is available now.




Avengers: Endgame

Link Description

Available at Zavvi


How it looks:


All that’s needed for Instagram is a short description.

You can add more text below the fold if you need to, but the key message should be within the 125 character description.

Instagram works best when the advert text is clean and to the point (like most ads should be, but Instagram is particularly fond of this aesthetic).


Hashtags are not needed as promoted ads don’t show up in search.




Create, edit, and publish your content from one single platform.


How it looks:



LinkedIn has character recommendations, rather than limits (the same can be said for Facebook and Instagram – the amount you can fit into the description fields for both is much longer than the recommended). There is a grey area with LinkedIn in that the description copy may be truncated if the copy exceeds their recommended 70 character headlines and 100 character descriptions.

LinkedIn is accessed via desktop more often than other platforms (42% on LinkedIn compared to 1.9% on Facebook) so audiences are less likely to see truncated descriptions as desktop offers a little more space than mobile.

That being said the following is still LinkedIn’s recommendation so your ad-copy is multi-platform friendly.


Headline  70 characters
Description  100 characters




Be ready for your big business moment


Growing online today? Be ready to take payment for online orders, however weird and wonderful. Like Pleesecakes…


How it looks:



This platform also has a limit and a recommended limit – we’ll provide the recommended limit below. The upper limit for the body copy is 256 characters.


Headline  70 characters
Description  200 characters




Pre-order now.


Capture the world around you like never before with the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G #GalaxyS20


How it looks:


Did you get it write?

That’s just a cross-section of the most frequently used formats on the most frequently used platforms. There are some minor variations for the multitude of ways these platforms deploy adverts, but if you stick to these recommended limits you’re more than likely to nail it.

The key with digital adverts (and it’s the same for all adverts) in to keep your copy clear, concise and compelling.

And have fun! Character limits may seem to be just that, a limit, but the restriction can often force you to be creative and come up with interesting ways to get your message across.

But if you’re struggling, you can always call us.

Good luck!