We offer design and branding services, so our natural, self-serving answer should be, yes. Yes you do need a rebrand.


We don’t really do self-serving all that well though. We would rather practise honesty and hopefully make a friend than take anyone for a ride.


So let’s get one thing absolutely straight from the off: not all rebrands are necessary. Further, in some cases a rebrand is most definitely the wrong course of action (looking in your direction here, Gap).


Rebranding represents a serious investment of time, energy and money. So it really does pay to be absolutely sure that it is the right thing to do at the right time. Stick or twist? We have come up with a set of questions that every organisation, considering a rebrand, could benefit from answering.


  • If we opened shop today, would we be happy with our current brand?
  • Is there a problem with the brand that needs solving?
  • What do we hope to achieve from a rebrand?
  • Does a rebrand need to change everything, or simply tweak what already exists?
  • Has the field we operate in, or our target customer profile, moved on and left us behind?
  • What story do we want to tell, to whom and why?
  • Does the brand tell the wrong story about the organisation?
  • Is the current narrative no longer meaningful or representative?
  • Why should anyone, customer or otherwise, know or care about our brand? What are they missing by not knowing?
  • Do our target audience know that they are our target audience, does the brand fit well with them?
  • Have their needs and desires, or the way in which they perceive themselves, changed?
  • Are we out of synch with those who matter most to us?
  • Is our brand leading our target audience or following?
  • Do we want a rebrand for a successful here and now, or are we looking down the line and thinking about how it might operate in years to come?
  • Who would lead the rebrand, managing external resources and collating internal and public feeling?

Don’t be drawn by fashion, or, worst of all, don’t mistake internal feeling (most internal stakeholders spend a lot more time with a brand than the target audience does), for an objective truth. Our answers will help, but if you would like more detailed advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with John, our chief branding creative and all round nice guy.