It’s far from breaking news to hear that brands are increasing their digital ad spend by the second in 2014. Saying that, when our media guys sit down to discuss booking online ads for clients, we note the same questions cropping up time and time again, often regarding where these online ads are actually going to be seen on a webpage. Being the jargon-busters that we are, we’ve put together this little visual to help explain where each ad space is located on a webpage and the dimensions of this space in pixels.


If you do stumble across any other terms that just don’t quite make sense, give us a call. We’ll help you out.

[full_width]Full banner[/full_width][full_width]wma2-leaderboard[/full_width][full_width]wma3-billboard[/full_width][full_width]MPU[/full_width][full_width]wma5-hpu[/full_width][full_width]wma6-skyscraper[/full_width][full_width]wma7-hp-takeover[/full_width]