During a recent procrastinated 5 minutes, I was scrolling through Instagram (on my lunch break before you ask) and stumbled upon this rather marvelous quote that really resonated with me when thinking about the values of our agency:


‎”You were hired because you met expectations.
You will be promoted if you can exceed them.”


One defining quality of the Hello Starling work process is that we refuse to lock clients into lengthy contracts or retainers. We believe that the delivery of quality work speaks volumes over empty promises documented in a restrictive contract. We also know, from experience, that success breeds success. The relationships we’ve cultivated with some of our long standing clients including S4C, Arriva Trains Wales and WRU all started with the completion of one successful project and have evolved over the years based on our relentless commitment to top-quality service.


This tenacious ambition drives us to continue developing our processes and performance every day and thus exceed the expectations set upon us.


If I were to reword the above quote to apply directly to Hello Starling I would suggest the following:


You were hired for this specific campaign because you met expectations.
You will be asked to run all future campaigns when you exceed them.