Do the fonts in the header seem a bit unsuited to the words they communicate?


Getting your typography right matters not only because it has to deliver a message but because it also primes the audience for the message. Effective ty­pog­ra­phy re­in­forces the mes­sage and can make the message more effective.


There are hundreds of thousands of typefaces out there and each come bundled with a set of preconceptions that will help prime (or repel) the target audience before they even get around to reading the communication. As a result it pays to be aware of what the font itself is communicating, and to take into consideration the psychology linked with types of fonts. You don’t just pick a typeface, you pick the range of associations, feelings and emotions that go with it.


Here are just a few examples of font types and some of the associated messages they are commonly seen to carry.


Font comms


There is no formula to picking the correct font, but choosing a font that inherently shares traits with the message it carries is an obvious place to start.