Outdoor is an advertising format that is effective and offers value for money. It is also a format that is a pretty good bellwether for the wider economy. When brands want to spend they tend to include outdoor because, given the right budget and the right placement, it works.


Consumers are confident. Clients are confident. Suppliers, well, suppliers are always confident but across the board there is excitement for what the mid-term holds for the entire industry and outdoor is always an accurate reflection of that. We are not at all surprised that there has been growth in nine of the last eleven quarters, that this is the fourth biggest quarter ever for outdoor or that this was the biggest quarter ever for outdoor digital revenue (according to the Outdoor Media Centre and Nielsen), not surprised but certainly delighted to see it in black and white.


Given the occasionally large budgets involved, outdoor can be the first format culled when costs are being cut. Wrongly in our eyes, as well designed and implemented outdoor is a vital part of the marketing mix. Nevertheless it does help the industry to know when things are definitely on the up.


Optimism is infectious. You feel it and so does your audience. Now is the time to start thinking about how your brand can take advantage of some of this good feeling too and, as the likes of Asda, BSkyB and EE know, outdoor is a great place to do so.


Need help figuring out where outdoor fits into your marketing plans? We know an agency who specialise in just that.


By Oliver Brown