Gifs in Advertising.

Better than static images. Better than videos. Just better.
Gifs in Advertising.

Want your digital campaigns to engage better with your audience? Want to reach those tricky millennials, and don’t want to spend a small fortune on a series of viral videos (that may or may not go viral)?

This is what you need.

Animated Kitten GIF

Ignore the kitten (if you can). We’re talking about the humble gif.

Non-threatening. Cheap to produce and the digital format if you want to get the attention of the sort of people who like lists, Tumblr and cats.

Heck, gifs are even infiltrating traditional media (although we’re not such fans of Fiat’s OTT kerazy ‘anything goes’ headache inducing TV spots).

Gifs have the obvious advantage over still images on websites because of their dynamism. It’s well known we pay less attention to still digital images than still images in traditional media. A gif will grab our attention better than a static image and keep it longer too as we wait to see how the story pans out. And we always will because even a bad gif doesn’t last very long.

On the other hand, gifs have significant perks over video advertising too. For one, they are much cheaper and easier to produce. Even a short, low budget video will cost a huge amount. Gifs are also, thanks to their much smaller size, much easier to store, publish and embed than any video. We’d expect more email marketers to take advantage of this fact.

Gifs are also less intrusive than a video. Silently playing away in the background, they are far less likely to induce the reader to click away. There is a reason Twitter introduced gifs, and Facebook played catchup with allowing them – they are (compared to embedded videos at least) a more harmonious digital ad format, one that extracts maximum exposure for the advertiser, profit for the media owner and least annoyance for the audience.

30 years after their invention, gifs are finally taking their rightful place not only as the perfect format for kittens, but as a very useful tool in the digital advertising armoury.