We’re almost half way there! Each week we have been bringing you our favourite talks from the 2015 Guardian Changing Media Summit along with our own comments on each talk. With 6 weeks to go until we hotfoot it down to London for this year’s summit we give you number 6 out of our top 10 talks from last year.



Aaron’s take on the talk


“In this talk Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how new social media formats are coming and going, driven through other social medias such as Facebook. He talks about the importance of being an early adopter and how this is vital to standing out in a crowded market.


While I liked the emphasis Vaynerchuk placed on early adoption, what I really liked about this talk was the attitude that drives this early adoption. As Vaynerchuk explains, in order to be an early adopter, agencies, brands and those in the media need to be willing to “make the jump” to backing a platform in order to see real returns.


While not every one of these jumps or investments will be successful the real value comes from the initiative taken to embrace and get behind new media. As Vaynerchuk points out in relation to his own experience, the returns usually far outweigh the risks, and – of the (at the time) apparently unsuccessful ventures – there are often other elements of success to be had simply in the process of investing time and money in a positive way.”


The importance of early adoption and making that jump


As Vaynerchuk argues, whether you’re an agency, a brand, or in media, “the people who are going to win over the next ten years and the ones that have been winning over the last ten years are the ones that are actually marketing and selling in the year that we live in”. As Vaynerchuck explains this is not simply restricted to new social media platforms but also understanding and taking advantage of existing mediums.


Using Facebook as an example Vaynerchuk explains that being up to date with new media is about looking beneath common misconceptions and really understanding the objective merits of each individual platform or medium.


At Hello Starling it is our job look very analytically at why exactly a certain platform or medium is relevant and appropriate for the specific client we are working with. It is not simply good enough to use a platform because it is popular, you need to know why it is relevant to your brand and what exactly it is achieving for you.


This may mean looking at newer less tested or tried forms of media that offer particular advantages to our clients, or taking advantage of more traditional or “less sexy” forms of media such as print media or direct mail campaigns such as door drops.


Whatever medium we eventually decide upon in conjunction with our clients is based on a combination of our knowledge as to which platform is likely to be the best fit for the particular needs and budget of the client, as well as an in depth understanding of not only the data available to us, but also the broader movements in the media industry.


Where this knowledge comes into its own is when it is combined with the confidence to “make the jump”, or in other words – to invest time, money and creative ideas – to make a campaign come to life.


If you would like to know how our media planning and buying and design and branding teams can help bring you right up to date then get in touch with us today.


Don’t forget to look out for our live feed of the summit in 6 weeks time. We’ll bring you all of our favourite developments from the talks as they happen.


By Team HS