There’s eight weeks left until we head down to London to attend the Guardian Changing Media Summit 2016. Without further ado therefore we bring you our number #8 in the countdown of our top ten talks from 2015!



Aaron’s take on this talk


This talk was of particular interest because it really demonstrated the extent to which (with particular advances in technology) data can be mined down to really give the user as personal and individual an experience as possible, and one that is in particular attuned to factors such as which device the content is being viewed on and in what location the content is being accessed. Looking back it also caught on to a movement or shift in data driven marketing in the extent of specificity that brands would come to serve their content to users.


As the experts in this talk explain, while there were opportunities at the time to do more with the level of data available it had taken a little bit of time for organisations to implement what Jon Westnedge of Taboola describes as a “uniform strategy” of content personalisation. In the time that has gone since the 2015 summit brands have increasingly begun to take advantage of the possibilities presented by content personalisation and we expect this movement towards greater specificity to only get stronger moving forward.


We (our media planning and buying team) have ourselves planned and produced more and more personalised content on the behalf of our clients as the result of technology and data that has been made available to us. This has included taking advantage of targeting such as hyper local advertising, geofencing, and sending notifications to people when they enter a certain radius.


Content Personalisation: The “sleeper hit” of the summit


While brands and publishers were of course targeting content at users on the basis of data segmentation at the time of the 2015 summit, it is true that this segmentation was less specific to the individual user than is now more generally being attempted and implemented. It was perhaps surprising therefore as Ryan Skinner of Forrester explained that there was not a more explicit focus on content personalisation at the 2015 summit, and this is especially the case in retrospect when we consider the importance this kind of specificity has held in relation to marketing over the past year.


As we explained in number #9 of our Guardian Changing Media Summit countdown, it is by producing some value for the user that brands and publishers can see some value in return from their investment. As Jeff Moriarty at Johnston Press argues it is no longer simply good enough to produce responsive content that works across multiple devices. Users expect content that is tailored to their exact whereabouts, device and needs at the time of searching.


Our media planning and buying team are experts in getting you closer to the people that matter to your business. To see how you might benefit from content personalisation, or if you have any questions about what content personalisation would actually mean for your business, why not get in touch with us today – our team are more than happy to demystify any jargon over a cup of tea!


By Team HS