In the last 10 years the world of media has evolved at a rate no one could’ve anticipated in 2005. Staying ahead of the pack in this industry requires almost constant surveillance of trends and developments, and as such we never shy away from an opportunity to learn, discuss and share.


In March we’ll be sending some of our team along to the Guardian Changing Media Summit, the event that “brings together the industry to discuss and learn from a decade of digital disruption.” The jam-packed two day conference will include a mixture of panel debates, fireside chats, presentations, inclusive workshops and roundtables addressing some key topical issues in media such as…


  • How are media companies adapting and profiting from ten years of digital disruption?
  • What opportunities and risks does native advertising pose to publishers and brands?
  • Has new technology changed the fundamentals of marketing?
  • How can companies manage the collision between data, consumer trust and privacy?
  • How are leading brands merging the online/offline shopping experience?
  • What does the future of media agencies look like?
  • In a digital age, can traditional TV broadcasters survive?

In the lead up to the event we’ll be discussing the topics on the agenda, putting together our thoughts and presenting them through the blog. We’ll also be keeping you in the loop throughout the conference (March 18th-19th) through our live Twitter feed.


Any questions or thoughts, we are always keen for a discussion so don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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