What first sparked your interest in media?


I’ve been really interested in media for years, and studied English and Film at the University of Exeter. Upon returning to Cardiff, I realised that there are so many opportunities in the city. Focusing on the kind of media projects I wanted to explore ignited a new enthusiasm to work in media, and that enthusiasm is what landed me a role in such a great company.


What kind of experience did you have in the industry before this job?


After graduating in July 2013, I completed a work placement in the marketing department of a charitable organisation, gaining great knowledge of how people respond to different modes of advertising – including leaflets, press, online, events, and word of mouth. This year, I received a City & Guilds Professional Development Award in Marketing, and since starting at Hello Starling, I have continued enrolling in courses to keep building my media knowledge.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given with regards to entering the industry?


A friend of mine working in London told me that advertising can be a ‘dog-eat-dog’ industry, but not to give up. The first piece of real experience is all you need to start your career – I learnt so much in my work placement that I could relate to the industry, and have brought with me to Hello Starling.


What advice would you give someone looking to enter the industry?


Do your research to find the ideal role for you. The IPA website is really useful, and be sure to stay on top of industry trends and events. When applying for jobs, pay attention. Don’t skip over any details that help prove you are the ideal candidate. If you put in the effort, you can achieve whatever you want!


Can you describe your day-to-day job?


We’ll get briefs through from organisations, and I’m involved with putting together media plans, deciding which media would be most effective, liaising between clients and suppliers to get the best rates, and booking media space for campaigns (as well as making sure the office is always filled with good music)!


What do you think are the crucial characteristics demanded by the job?


Organisational skills are vital, as is the ability to listen to what a client wants and needs, and transform those demands into a creative media campaign that exceeds all expectations.


What do you think are the perks of working for a smaller agency?


Now I have experienced working for a small agency, I realise how lucky I am to have the chance to do so. I’m able to learn about the marketing and design sectors of the company, and that provides opportunities and experiences that I couldn’t get from working for a big agency.


What would be your dream campaign?


I’m a big fan of ambient advertising, and campaigns that are different and challenging. It would be great to be involved with a brand campaign where we incorporate aerial advertising, like a hot air balloon with an eye-catching creative design, and use high impact methods to get people talking about the brand.


As the advertising industry continues to evolve, where do you think media is heading?


I definitely think we’re going to see more and more interactive, wearable items that create fantastic advertising opportunities, partnered with an increase in the range of functionality of devices. It’s undeniable that digital media will continue to expand, and as a result some tangible forms of media will have to fight to keep up, which I think will be a challenge but also used to fuel their creativity. I also predict that concerns with regards to personal data use is going to become increasingly problematic.


Do you have any specific goals for your first year in the industry?


Alongside developing my industry knowledge and gaining valuable experience, my goals include being involved with a challenging campaign that uses clean advertising/reverse graffiti or other unconventional and high impact methods, and enjoying every single day of my first year in the industry.