Jason Isaacs (AKA Lucius Malfoy) once spoke on Front Row about the inherent British ability to get to the socio-economic background of someone we’re talking to. Something to do with our latent class hang-ups, it is (he says) the reason why British actors are so good at doing accents.


We are so attuned at picking out small differences in the background from accent, that we are as a result superior at replicating them. Hence Hugh Laurie in House and Dominic West in The Wire (or, far more entertainingly, Keanu Reeves in Dracula and Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins). If Hugh Laurie delivered House in badly concealed RP, the audience would not believe in the character, no matter how well written, and he wouldn’t have ended the run of series as the best paid man on TV.


Know your audience and speak to them so they can understand. It’s a skill that’s as important to media planning as it is to sounding like you come from Baltimore. Know your target audience? Great. We know where they live, work and play. We have the experience and tools to focus a brand and product in the places they need to be seen and understood.


Our knowledge of demographics includes socio-economic characteristics such as education, income, occupation and geodemography. We are able to cross-market size characteristics with other demographic and socio-economic factors.  We really do know where you come from and how best to talk to you.