Organisations, particularly if they’re young and aspiring, tend to put a lot of pressure on their logo (or ‘brandmark ‘brand visual’, ‘brand face’, ‘squiggly company image’, call it what you’d like).

Many expect it to tell their whole story, sell their offer, build instant brand affinity, gain them a huge following and a couple of handfuls of other magical things.

It’s important, but it’s never going to reach these heights.

Most of the things people expect from a logo come from other sources; great customer service, a brilliant product or service, a long history of careful PR, developing valuable content, staying true to a core brand personality and, of course, brilliant advertising.

The logo is just your audience’s reference point for all of it. The swoosh, the smiley face, the golden arches that remind people of all of the stuff that makes you recognise that logo in the first place.

Of course, the logo has to be good and you have to put thought into its design, a lot of thought, but the important thing is not to expect the world from a symbol. Even some of the greats started off a little ropey and none have stayed the same for the lifetime of the brand. It will be the same for you, as you change and grow your logo will evolve and develop to mirror who you are and who you want to be.

So let’s get your logo right, but don’t worry about it being the definitive final face of your brand. Think of it as the chubby-cheeked first phase, as you grow and learn you’ll shed the puppy fat and your logo will evolve organically and we’ll be there to help.

If you want a logo, or just want to know more about how to make one, say hello!