Campaign: “Go Get it” partnership with Sky media
Client: Nissan Europe
Agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Media format: Multi-channel sponsorship deal


Describe the piece in a sentence.


To promote the relaunch of the Nissan Micra, OMD sealed a 12-month multi channel sponsorship deal with Sky Media, whereby they target young, go-getter females through a series of humorous sponsorship adverts for programmes on Sky Living HD, E! Entertainment and Style.


How do you think it is effective in terms of engaging the desired audience?


Clever and current, Nissan show a true appreciation of their target audience, by promoting themselves during primetime shows on television channels where the dominant viewer is a young female (with the financial capacity to afford digital TV). By attaching the brand for an extended period, to specific programs on highly specified channels they are reaching the desired group at an impressive scale and frequency whilst remaining selective.


What do you like about it?


Not only is the media plan wonderfully tactical, but the creative produced by TBWA London is entertaining and relatable, both key features when reaching a female based audience. Corporate ladies demonstrating attitude to get out of tricky situations, empowering and funny.


What is the key message?


Nissan Micras are designed for the young, fun and fabulous. Female.


What is the best feature? The worst?


I think the selectivity of the media plan is both its strength and potential weakness. Heavily targeted, the message will definitely be received by the right people, but there’s a danger it may only reach a portion of these “right people”. Only time will tell however, with the campaign ending in September of this year, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the post-campaign figures.


By Angharad Edwards