Angharad’s Story


I really like people.


I like understanding how people behave, how they interact with each other, how they make decisions. I just really, really like people.


It was whilst studying Psychology at the University of Bristol that I started considering the ways in which I could apply this curiosity to the real world. This led me to advertising. Working out what makes a specific audience tick and then using this knowledge to communicate a message – right up my street.


Within the past five years I’ve been fortunate enough to experience working in a variety of roles around the world, from a small marketing team in Amsterdam, to a global advertising agency with an insane view of the Sydney Opera House.


When I finally tired of living from a backpack, I returned to the UK in late 2013 (with a confused accent) searching for a role where I could combine my interests and experiences whilst continuing to learn. One of the many highlights of my job is that I report on a huge array of media, advertising and design related topics. Therefore, I am constantly expanding my industry awareness. Plus my accent is slowly starting to settle.


Career highlight so far


Naively, I wasn’t aware that it is possible to have a job where you never clock-watch.


About a month into my time with Hello Starling, I was asked if the day goes by quickly and I didn’t hesitate when answering “yes”.


So, this realisation is my career highlight to date.


Sum up your job in one sentence (or two…)


I manage Hello Starling’s online presence, which entails handling our blog and using social media to engage with the world of media, advertising and design. A key aspect of my job is absorbing and communicating industry news, trends and research that impacts our clients and their relationship with their customers.


Describe Hello Starling in 3 words




How do you spend your free time?


I’m currently building my reputation as one of Cardiff’s leading dance-off competitors. I am also looking to solidify my role as “Teacher’s Pet” in our weekly Hello Starling Welsh lessons.


baby me
Above: Angharad (aged 5) perfecting the endearing “head tilt” from a young age.