Starting my career in retail (I was a Woolies lad for years) I really enjoyed the buzz of working in an environment where the focus of my job was delighting customers. I moved into advertising when I “fell” into a Regional Sales Executive role selling ‘Street Furniture’. After spending a few successful years in the world of outdoor advertising, I wanted to explore other media platforms and moved to radio.


I launched my first agency in 2008. The aim was to put the customer back at the heart of the relationship. I wanted them to have choice, value for money and most of all, an agency that they could consider a partner, as an equal and who had their best interests at heart. We run our agency with an understanding that the customer must always remain at the centre of everything that we do.


Six years on I consider myself lucky.


We’re in a brilliant position as an agency. We have amazing customers who have grown with us over the years, and we really do adore working with them.


We have an outstanding team who I am proud to go to work with every day.


In the early days of launching any business, you have to roll up your sleeves and do everything yourself. Nowadays, the team that we have built at Hello Starling is a varied one. We have such diverse personalities and different strengths which makes us unique. More importantly, the team are a family of individuals who are brilliant at what they do (they’re far better than me at so many things!!) and I love walking into the office and seeing them work their magic every single day.


If I had been asked six years ago ‘where do you see yourself in 2014?’ I would never have dreamed of all of the wonderful things that have happened to us. So when I was asked the very same question last week (‘what does the next six years hold for you?’) I could say only one thing… I don’t know but I really can’t wait to find out!



By James Robinson (as seen above in his younger years)