Career summary


Having dabbled in all sorts from military training to holistic therapy in the past, I’ve certainly fine-tuned my ability to chat about anything and everything with anyone and everyone, so a career in communications seemed obvious to me.


I very much “fell” into my role here at Hello Starling. Whilst I initially joined the team for a three-month temporary position, nine months on I’m still here and quite frankly, I don’t know what the team would do without me! Since joining, the range of my responsibilities has increased greatly and I now work across all areas of the business, assisting in design and media projects as well as general office admin.


Career highlight so far


Having only expected to be with Hello Starling for three months, the day my contract was extended was rather exciting! I thoroughly enjoyed this initial stint (and learnt more than you can imagine) and I knew this was the best place for me to develop my professional skills. Luckily they agreed!


Sum up your job in one sentence


My job involves keeping everything ticking over nicely in the office as well as ensuring we always have a varied assortment of biscuits in the cupboard.


Describe Hello Starling in 3 words




How do you spend your free time?


Not one to shy away from an adventure, I spend most weekends road-tripping around in our caravan or out sailing the great Welsh waters! That is of course, as long as I’m home in time to take the dogs (“my little girls”) out for a walk!


Baby Katherine
Above: Kath (aged 1) proving you’re never too young to accessorise.