Rosa’s Story


When I had finished my time at University, I experienced a mild panic as it soon occurred to me that if I wanted to use my degree, as a graduate of Creative Writing and Literature, my career options were pretty limited. I knew that I loved to write, but I wasn’t convinced that I wanted to make a lifelong career out of it. All I ever wanted for my occupation was excitement, passion and success. It didn’t matter so much what I did, as long as it was ethical and interesting. I am lucky to have experienced some great roles and did my best to climb upwards and onwards, step by step to my goal – from retail to leisure then finally business to business.


After several years of exploring the right kind of roles, my journey led me to experience working internationally. When I arrived back to the UK in 2014, I made the conscious decision to find the perfect company for me that ticked all of my boxes and to accept nothing short of that. From the minute I met with Hello Starling, I knew it was love at first sight.


Career highlight so far


Without any kind of bias, I honestly believe that my career and personal highlight to date is joining Hello Starling. From the moment I embarked on my sales career after university, I had an idea of an idyllic work environment surrounded by like-minded, happy people who love what they do. Now, I am a part of just that. It has been an incredibly liberating experience coming to work each day knowing I will be working alongside a positive, successful and driven team – Each individual carries their role with immense pride and care and it stands for everything in which I believe.


Sum up your job in one sentence


Essentially, what I do is take everything that Hello Starling represents – all the specialities in media planning, buying, design and branding – and I make sure that the right people from the right companies are informed about it!


Describe Hello Starling in 3 words




How do you spend your free time?


I am a closet creative! Since childhood, I have dabbled in all kinds of secret artistic expressions – be it painting, extravagant doodles or my love for learning the art of Japanese Anime. I strive to pick up a pen in my spare time and hold onto that passion but what I truly love most is food. So rather than just eating it, I have actively decided to explore all manners of exotic cuisine and fusions and get creative in the kitchen as well as with the canvas!


More importantly of course, when I’m not kidding myself into believing I’m the next Masterchef winner or Picasso, I spend every spare minute with my beloved friends and family.


Baby Rosa

Above: Rosa (aged 1) experimenting with food.