Tess’s Story.


Unconventionally, it was the Victorian era that first ignited my interest in advertising. Whilst studying 19th Century media as part of my degree, I engaged with various historical advertisements and was challenged to create a double page spread for a pseudo Victorian newspaper. I enjoyed the creative process so much I was encouraged to take steps towards a career in media.


In my first role after graduating, I completed a marketing placement for a charitable organisation. The hands-on job provided me with invaluable insight into how people respond to different media, be it a TV spot, a radio campaign or a print ad in a magazine.


This opportunity prompted me to further seek media planning and buying roles, so when I came across an opening at Hello Starling I didn’t hesitate with my application! With a degree in English and Film, valuable industry experience and a Professional Development Award in marketing under my belt, I felt I had the skills and drive necessary to fulfil the role, and demonstrated this in my 2,000 word opening letter (which has gone down in history). Three months in and I couldn’t be happier!


Career highlight so far


My professional highlight to date would be the satisfaction I felt the first time I independently created a media plan, saw it delivered successfully and received positive feedback from the client. A personal highlight is that I’m lucky enough to have found a work environment where I don’t go half an hour without laughing or smiling!


Sum up your job in one sentence


Designing media plans for some of the most influential organisations in Wales, providing these clients with the best service and producing the most creative campaigns that stand out from the crowd.


Describe Hello Starling in 3 words.






How do you spend your free time?


Although I no longer juggle fencing, hockey, netball, football, rowing and yoga,


I remain an endorphin junkie (if a little more lazy) and love keeping fit. I think my next-


desk neighbour, Angharad, will back me when I say that sharing my latest plyometric routines accurately demonstrates my two favourite past times, exercising and socialising. I surround myself with amazing people both in and out of work and love going to music events and festivals. I hope to continue spending my free moments experiencing new things and new places, and I intend to see more of the world as time goes on.


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