Having just gotten our hands on the latest NRS figures (Jan-Dec 2014), we are able to cast our eyes back to 2014 and see how individual newsbrands performed throughout the year across print, PC and mobile devices.
87% – the percentage of GB adults that consume news through either a print or online source on a daily basis. That’s 44.8 million people – quite the audience reach! 72% of GB adults access content through a print newspaper and 59% via a PC or mobile device every day according to the NRS.
The Daily Mail continued to lead the pack with a total readership of 23.5 million, a slight drop since previous reporting but still an impressive reach, equally split across online and print consumption.
In November we reported that the Daily Mirror had overtaken The Sun to take the silver medal as the second most popular newsbrand in Great Britain. The title managed to hold on to the spot and saw the audience grow by nearly a million readers in the final months of 2014.
The Sun lost out on readers across the period. The newsbrand, who put their online content behind a paywall last year, have struggled to build their online audience causing them to lag behind competitor brands who opted to keep their content freely available and shareable. Mobile consumption adds just 2.1% to the brands total readership. The Times, too, saw a fall in audience size, again suffering the inevitable having demanded readers pay for online content way-back-when in 2010.
Looking toward quality titles, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian, both continued to see combined readership improve, reaching 16.4 million and 16.3 million readers respectively. Both newsbrands notoriously enjoy a digital-heavy audience, with their online offerings adding 317% (the Daily Telegraph) and 347% (the Guardian) to print readership.
The Independent, too, recorded a far larger online audience, with content consumption dominating print by 400%. The newsbrand reaches a total audience of 10.5 million readers through print, PC and mobile.

As online audiences of newsbrands continue to grow this reinforces the understanding that, as advertisers, using innovative digital advertising is becoming an increasingly powerful platform for reaching target audiences. An in-depth analysis of which titles, specifically, engage that desired audience is crucial when determining where to spend that well-fought-for marketing budget, and that’s exactly what we do at Hello Starling. We explore your audience and identify the most effective avenues for grabbing their attention. We then look to the audience breakdown of various news outlets (across both print and online) and use this research to develop a media plan that will guarantee the right people see the right message at the right time.
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