87%. The percentage of GB adults that consume news through either a print or online source on a daily basis. However, as society continues to become increasingly reliant on digital technology, the consumption of news through PCs and mobile devices is rising rapidly. The NRS reports that “digital delivers a 20.5% incremental increase to print readership across newsbrand”.
As ever, the Daily Mail leads the pack having built an audience of 23.6 million readers, evenly split across print, PC and mobile. Whilst it’s commonplace for the Sun to follow in second place, the Daily Mirror pushed forward across the period of October 2013 to September 2014, bringing combined readership to 16.8 million.
The Guardian who are notoriously “anti-paywall” enjoy a PC/mobile heavy audience, which adds 328% to the print readership, bringing the total to an impressive 16.26 million. The Daily Telegraph, who employ a metered paywall, reported similar figures across the period, with 16.27 millions readers, the vast majority, online based. The Independent, too, saw 4 times the number of online readers relative to print and reported a combined readership of 10.4 million.
The biggest story from the Sun is the report that subscribers for the online outlet, Sun+, has doubled in the last 12 months. Regardless, readership is still very much print based for the newsbrand who started charging for their online content earlier in the year, with mobile activity contributing just 2.7% to total readership. On the other end of the quality spectrum, The Times, who first introduced a paywall three years ago has continued to struggle to build an online audience with a mere 4.5% of the total 4.7 million readers accessing content online.
So what does this mean for advertisers? Well, it’s key that brands understand where their target audience is spending time, whether that’s sat on the sofa behind a newspaper or quickly absorbing a couple of headlines via a mobile device on the train to work. Not only will this understanding assist in developing the core message and design that makes up the ad, but also in determining which of the newsbrands will bring in the largest, but equally most fitting, audiences.
Our media guys have their finger on the pulse when it comes to analysing who’s where and when. Plus our design guys, well, they love the challenge of working across formats creating designs that will capture the attention of your target audience, be that through print or digital devices. If you would like to have a chat about how we can use our knowledge and experience to improve audience reach for your brand, don’t hesitate, get in touch.