Following hot on the heels of the recent ABC results, the National Readership Survey Print and Digital Data July 2014 – June 2015 results were released last week.
The signs for newsbrands, magazines and brands looking to utilise them are very healthy: 90% of British adults aged 15 or over consume news brands across print and digital, with 73% consuming magazines across print and digital.
Overall, print remains the most popular way of accessing newspapers and magazines, with 83% of British adults reading a print magazine or newspaper every month
Break the combined data and there is proof (if it were needed) that although print magazines continue to hold their own, we are increasingly getting access to our favourite newspapers digitally rather than through print, and further to that, there is a huge movement toward doing so via mobiles or tablets.
For example, the Independent’s figures are now heavily skewed toward mobile, accounting for 10.1 million of the 14.46 million total readership (with print providing a mere 2.19 million readers).
Elsewhere The Daily Mirror’s monthly combined readership figures doubled YoY (+101%), The Guardian saw a 98.5% increase, and The Telegraph on +92.6%. Much of this coming via mobile.
The picture is recreated across the newsbrand spectrum, up until you get to freebies like Metro or the Evening Standard, or those titles that sit behind a firewall. The Sun, for instance still draws 11.9 million in print from a combined total of 13.5. The Times, another Murdoch paper that sits behind a firewall, saw modest combined increases of 5.5%.
Our desire for free content clearly continues unabated (it’s not as if we just appreciate free content, recent UK based research indicates that we downright expect our online news to be free). Brands behind a firewall are unable to take advantage of the huge readership gains possible by providing unfettered, free and easy mobile access: on average, mobile consumption adds a 78% audience reach to that of individual news brands and 50% to individual magazine brands.

Although no one newsbrand, or magazine has figured out how to turn this digital/mobile gold rush of data and viewing figures into a reliable profit stream, this is a great moment for interested brands and advertisers alike: according to a Warc expenditure report, advertising spend on digital newsbrands reached a record-high £387m last year.
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