A bit of a mouthful but that’s exactly what we’ve been doing recently. A couple of months ago our team collectively decided that it was prime time to start practising what we preach and embark on our own advertising campaign. Along came ‘ATTENTION’ – the first large scale, fully integrated advertising campaign promoting Hello Starling. In this post, I’m going to share a little about how an advertising agency goes about advertising themselves (and what we learnt from the process).


As with all projects we work on, the process started with a conversation establishing what we were looking to achieve and how we were planning on doing so. We identified our key campaign message and our target audience. The design team then looked at the best way to visualise this message whilst the media guys considered the most effective media platforms for reaching the desired audience. The collaborative effort of every single person in the agency saw the realisation of some of our finest work to date – the whole is greater than the sum of the parts after all.


The final product?


  • A powerful message that clearly communicated who we are and what we do (and included a touch of our personality).


  • An attention grabbing design – typography based and easy-to-digest, that could be applied across a variety of media platforms.


  • A far reaching media plan that we knew would render our design unmissable.


  • We used billboards, taxis, print advertising, display and Facebook ads and a direct mail campaign alongside eshots, blog posts and social media activity based on related content.


The response so far has been something else, with emails coming through on a daily basis from current clients impressed by our work and potential clients looking to venture into new advertising projects. We are always barking on about the greater effects of advertising for a brand, above and beyond increased sales, and this campaign has proven our point beautifully. Not only are we seeing our own clients enthused by our efforts, but internally, employee engagement (or team spirit if we’re talking in less corporate terms) is clearly on a high as evidenced by the squeals heard every time a Hello Starling taxi passes by.


Finally, by investing the time, energy and money into producing this campaign we’ve had the opportunity to really reflect on our business and have a critical think about how we perceive ourselves and how we want to be seen by the rest of the world. After all that, we’re pretty happy with what we found.