Campaign title: APOLOSOPHY
Client: Apotek Hjärtat
Agency: Åkestam Holst (creative) Stopp/Family Media (tech)
Format: Out of the home/interactive



Describe the piece in a sentence (or 2).


A Clear Channel Play screen has been rigged up to respond to passing trains on a subway in Stockholm. The model (and her hair) apparently reacts to the train, before settling and ending with a tagline advertising a range of products for a local pharmacy.


What do you like about it?


To paraphrase the late great Robert Hughes, it’s the shock of the new format. Yes, we have all seen digital out of the home advertising – but nothing so reactive and natural as this. The use of creativity and technology in tandem really grabs your attention and keeps it long enough to see what is being sold.


How do you think it is effective in terms of engaging the desired audience?


As a standalone advert, wonderful. It takes the trope of the beautiful model selling cosmetic products and turns it on its head in a witty and engaging way. Oh and getting seen over a million times online and onto the home page of Mashable ain’t bad either. Clear Channel liked it so much they let it stay up for a few weeks longer for free.


I think it’s safe to say whatever the client paid, they were happy with the resultant exposure.


What is the key message?


Stay away from trains ‘cos they’ll mess up your hair. Obvs.


What is the best feature? The worst?


They used a Raspberry Pi hooked up with a sensor to record the train and tell the Play screen when to react. A few years ago that sentence would have been meaningless – so for me the way they harnessed up to date technology stands out.


I’m struggling to think of something I dislike about the advert. You could argue the technology might be a barrier to widespread use (at least initially), but then that just makes for a higher impact in the first place.


By Oliver Brown