Talk about low key. This is how Google announced to the world it was bringing its super personalised ad service to TV.


Maybe there is an algorithm out there (and if there is, I am sure Google have it secreted away somewhere), that states that the less a product needs a flashy launch, the bigger the actual potential (compare and contrast). The intro for Google Fiber TV ads appears to fit this rule. It has the makings of being an industry changing product, yet was announced with all of the razzle dazzle you would associate with a plain text based support forum.


Targeting and measurement on TV has improved vastly in the last decade, but it still largely relies on sample driven viewing reports that are unable to provide personalised data about the viewing behaviour of individuals.


Which is where Fiber comes in. It tracks the viewing choices and provides that (clearly far more valuable) data to the marketer, who can then ensure that their ad is reaching a more select audience than was previously possible.


According to Google: “Fiber TV ads will be digitally delivered in real time and can be matched based on geography, the type of program being shown (sports, news, etc.), or viewing history. Like digital ads, advertisers will only pay for ads that have been shown, and can limit the number of times an ad is shown to a given TV. We’re excited to see how this test progresses, and we’re looking forward to hearing from local businesses and viewers along the way.”


Like digital ads, obviously being the key phrase here. Google have the means (at least in small local scale) to do to tv advertising what they have done internationally to search and online advertising – provide the data to the advertiser and the right product to the consumer.


Personally targeted, real time ads. Coming to a TV screen near you.