Brecon Carreg required a top level rebrand of their advertising presence in response to extensive brand research. The aim was to increase brand awareness and place Brecon Carreg front of mind for water drinkers across their territories.

Almost 1.5 million people saw the adverts at least once, online. The videos were watched more than 3.4 million times. 3,840 people commented, shared and reacted to the adverts and they directly produced 158 new likes and followers for their social media pages.

The concept was conceived to focus more on the brand as a whole and the lifestyle associated with Brecon Carreg rather than individual products. It’s aim was to sell the brand as a complete entity by developing its story and promoting its personality.

We wanted to incorporate the unique and striking nature of the Beacons into the new brand identity. It’s where the water comes from and the brand research showed people responded to the natural, wild spect of the brand’s heritage.

The central focus of the artwork was a suite of original shots by photographer and Brecon Beacons local, Grant Hyatt. The sweeping vistas served to display the vast, untouched beauty of the water’s source. Delivering the message of natural purity.

The strapline defines this notion; it is nature that makes Brecon Carreg so pure. The secondary connotation of the line is that Brecon Carreg itself is pure. It is in the brand’s nature to be honest and open with consumers. Moreover we aimed to say this without actually denoting it directly, something that has alienated people to messages of trust or purity in the past.

We also wanted to add a human touch to the work so included a model in the shots. We also created a short film featuring two members of the Brecon Carreg team. It charted their journey to the heights of the Beacons with the scenery and some Brecon Water as company. The aim of this film was to give even more context to the beautiful scenery of the water’s source and the addition of a human element served to help people place themselves in the setting. Using members of the Brecon Carreg team gave the brand the opportunity to show not only its product’s affiliation with nature but to show its staff and internal culture’s love of the great Welsh outdoors too.

The client aims to measure the success of the campaign through ongoing brand research. However they wanted to track the impact of the various creative assets throughout the campaign so we could react accordingly. Therefore we

We handled the production, creation and delivery of:

  • Two photo shoots in the Brecon Beacons.
  • Two video shoots in the Brecon Beacons and at Brecon Carreg HQ.
  • A geographically targeted social media campaign (copy, imagery and video).
  • Billboard adverts – 48 and 96 sheets.
  • Poster adverts – 6 sheets.
  • In-store trolley adverts.
  • Post campaign analysis.
  • Cardiff Airport internal adverts

We delivered all assets on schedule making use of our careful process, including the use of co-signed production schedules to ensure delivery.

It was a great success; the video has been viewed more than 4.5 million times.

373,536 people engaged with all adverts, commenting, reacting, sharing and clicking, over quarter of the unique audience. Audiences were taken with the ads and engaged favourably with the brand, promoting further organic reach of the new brand identity.

The tagline we established was ‘Pure by Nature’, establishing a tone of voice and a statement of intent for the brand. It was designed to be multi-functional so the campaign could set the stage for future marketing efforts. They have since redeployed the phrase in other marketing, manipulating it for purpose, for example: ‘Adventurous by Nature’ and ‘Caring by Nature’.

The core values Brecon Carreg wanted to express with the campaign, based on brand research and our own creative development, was the purity of the product, the honesty and openness of the product and the pure, untouched nature of the water’s source. We were pleased to see a positive reaction to the tagline, imagery and video, as was the client. Audiences responded well to the images of the spectacular views from the top of the Brecon Beacons and well as the messaging of nature and purity.