The core aims of this ongoing campaign are to increase the charity’s subscriber base while also driving a real change in policy to protect animals from harm. Though ambitious we’ve already seen incredible results.

Over 9,250 people have subscribed to HorseWorld mailing list and have urged their MPs to support the campaign so far. Due to this activity, two MPs have tabled the motion to update the laws relating to tethered horses for debate in the house of commons.

Thousands of horses suffer from abusive tethering across the UK and the difficulty (due to legal restrictions) on aiding such animals is what drives this

We devised a plan to tackle the issue while simultaneously growing awareness for the charity and gaining new subscribers to their mailing list (both postal and email).

At the heart of the messaging is a single story, that of Catena and her foal, Salisbury. The pair were rescued due to very specific circumstances. Their story highlights the problem and the issues faced by charities and organisations like the RSPCA with being able to rescue such animals.

For more on their story, the campaign site is:

We created a phased approach to test ad formats and target audiences using Facebook (of all the digital ad platforms, Facebook provides the most specific,
detailed data we could analyse to understand audience types and how audiences were engaging with the adverts – it also provided an opportunity for a much wider natural reach due to the conversational nature of the platform).

The key result we were aiming to achieve was the filling out and submission of the form on the campaign page (measured with the use of a tracking pixel). Supporters of the campaign click the adverts and land on the page to discover more about Catena and Salisbury’s story, about the specifics of the tethering problem in the UK and what HorseRescue (HorseWorld’s active rescue arm) were doing to try and change things. The form itself allows supporters to send a pre-drafted letter to their local MP (based on their postcode), while also being able to opt-in to the charity’s mailing list.

To date over 9,250 people have signed up and sent letters to their local MPs.

Due to the activity, HorseWorld have been visited by a number of MPs, the RSPCA have written a letter in support of the campaign, supporters have received hundreds of letters back from their local MPs, Horse and Hound have published a feature on #BreakTheChain and two MPs are tabling the issue for discussion in the house of commons in the coming months.

We’re hugely proud of this campaign because we’ve created every aspect from the ground up (hand in hand with HorseWorld) and, have seen huge support from audiences. We hope that it creates a real change for the charity and animal welfare in the UK.