A one of a kind youth/tots programmedesigned for Welsh Netball.

A sub-brand of Welsh Netball, Netball Tots needed full brand creation including character development and graphic design for a collection of training materials for children aged 2-6.

Netball tots is a programme that aims to engage young children and develop their hand-eye coordination through the medium netball focussed games.

Netball Tots has been rolled out across Wales in the last few years to great success. Children across the country are taking part in the classes and we continue to provide new designs and bonus characters as the initial themes are completed by children and new stories and games are called for.

This format of youth/tots programme is one of a kind and has started to gain attention and recognition beyond even the UK. There are current talks with the programme leads and Welsh Netball of rolling out a similar programme, using Bib, in countries in the Middle East.

Bib continues to live on in playgrounds and netball courts all over Wales and soon, perhaps, the rest of the world.