Whether you are looking for killer whales and seaweed-eating-sheep in North Ronaldsay, a student studying archaeology visiting the Westray Wife and the Viking longhouses or a food and drink loving couple seeking out the acclaimed breweries and eateries, it’s clear to see that Orkney is a land of opportunity.

To increase tourism to the Orkney islands, we worked with Orkney.com over two campaign bursts.

The key objectives of the campaign was to raise awareness of Orkney, target potential visitors at their key time of booking a short break, promote Orkney as a great short breaks destination, drive traffic to Orkney.com and encourage people to visit the online shop and increase engagement from new and existing audiences.


We used 30 second television commercials which premiered on Sky Adsmart and Sky Food Network in addition to 20 second radio commercials on Classic FM, Capital FM, Smooth Radio and XS Manchester. 


We published a poster in the Metro newspaper and for out-of-home advertising, we used bus rears and bus sides in London, Manchester and Edinburgh in addition to digital billboards and ribbons on the London Underground.


Page visits increased by almost 125% year on year, suggesting that people were exploring the website in more detail. There was a significant reduction in the bounce rate which highlights that the website was meeting audience expectations.


In comparison to the same campaign period last year, we saw an increase in visitors from 44,728 over the same period in 2019 to 77,904 in 2020, despite running the campaign during a pandemic. This represents an increase in website traffic of 74.17%.


Geographically, we targeted the home region of Scotland, and elsewhere we saw an increase year on year of over 100% with 188% in Birmingham and 111% in Manchester. There has also been a 44% increase in visitors from London with an overall increase of 124% visitors from England.

Interestingly, there has been an increase in over 303% from Northern Ireland which hasn’t been a traditional target market for the client.


The campaign drove a significant 265% increase in visitors aged 18-24 which is not traditionally a strong audience for Orkney but it shows that with the right messaging, this could provide new revenue and tourism streams for Orkney.


The timing of this campaign was hugely beneficial as it was perfect for online Christmas shopping and coincided with London easing lockdown restrictions, meaning the campaign was more accessible with people beginning to use public transport again. 


Overall, the campaign successfully delivered an increase in visitors by 74% when comparing year on year visitor numbers.