89% of the UK adult population tune into the radio each week.
Furthermore, radio advertising has some of the lowest advertising avoidance figures of any format.

Two snippets of information that prove if ever there’s been a time to invest in radio advertising, that time is now.
What a quarter it has been for British radio! National and regional radio stations across the board were pulling in massive audiences and reporting increased listening time, with digital continuing to soar.
27.4 million people use a digitally enabled receiver (DAB, DTV, online) to tune into their favourite radio station each week, totalling 385 million hours. This figure is up 8% YoY, with many supporting the claim that digital listening is the future of UK radio. Absolute 80s was a stand out performer, bringing in an audience of 1.43 million weekly listeners.
Radio group, Total Global Radio UK (owner to stations such as Real, Smooth, Heart and Capital) continues to lead the pack, with over 21.2 million weekly listeners, having grown by 4.1% since Q3 2013.
Smooth Radio Network continues to flourish following the recent rebranding push that saw all Gold stations taking on the Smooth title – 22.8% growth over the year bringing the weekly audience to nearly 4.7 million listeners.
Heart Network (UK) is up 20% across the year, now reaching over 9 million listeners weekly.
Total Global Radio UK’s main competitor, Bauer Radio, grew by 1.8% across the quarter, reaching 16.2 million weekly listeners. In the last year, the group increased its audience by an impressive 13.3% – evidence that the radio brand is playing catch up with Total Global Radio UK. Healthy competition elicits a demand for high standards and is something we’re always happy to see.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t happy days all around. talkSPORT struggled to maintain the success of Q2, losing 6.8% of their audience, whilst elsewhere BBC Radio 1, 2 and 5 live all recorded falling figures (-2.3%, -3.1% and 7.4% weekly reach).
As the home of Welsh brands we are specifically interested in the performance of local stations and are glad to see a 20% audience boost for Nation Hits, and a massive 51% increase in listening hours. Just across the border, XFM Manchester had a brilliant quarter too, increasing its weekly reach by 29%.
Commercial radio is currently thriving. The figures speak for themselves. Audiences are large, they’re loyal and they’re engaged. For brands looking to connect with their customers, spread awareness and gain attention, radio is a very powerful media platform. Working out which radio stations to target and how to position your brand through the audio format – well that’s where our guys come in. Get in touch to discuss the most profitable way to make radio advertising work for your brand.