Campaign title: Adidas Goes Green
Client: Adidas
Media format: Outdoor / Street Art
What do you like about it?


I love that the piece has come to life. The design is both aesthetically beautiful and tangible, a compelling feature that is rarely seen in traditional advertising. It combines street art with innovative outdoor advertising. Adidas is not afraid to acknowledge that the world has become a very wasteful place. As a brand they are aspiring to be more environmentally responsible – evident in their sustainable London Games stash from the 2012 Olympics.


The piece combines the promotional message with the brands’ values in an artful way.


How do you think it is effective in terms of engaging the desired audience?


The design is eye-catching and innovative (certainly second-glance worthy) and uses street art to reach the young and stylish. The location of the billboard under a busy London bridge guarantees widespread awareness, whilst the offbeat environmental theme resonates with the more ethical consumer. Sportswear is a highly competitive sector, however Adidas stands out with this Greenpeace-friendly approach.


What is the key message?


Stay fresh.


What is the best feature? The worst?


The worst feature is definitely that the ‘greenery’ is made from plastic! But it is recycled plastic, at least. So, the best feature is that the piece can turn waste into something beautiful.


By Tess Coughlan-Allen