We had a wonderful Christmas, and hope you did too. Being warm, secure and surrounded by friends and family are things we try not to take for granted, but if we are honest we mostly don’t think about what life is like for those who don’t have those basics.

Which is where Wallich and the Cardiff Nightshelter come in.

Wallich is a charity that has provided accommodation and support to homeless people in Wales for over thirty years. They run many projects and services throughout Wales, not least of which is the Nightshelter in Cardiff. The Nightshelter provides accommodation on a night by night basis to people who would otherwise be on the street. It provides basic facilities (a bed, food, shower, washing machine) and a first step on the rung to more permanent accommodation and a longer term solution for each individual.

It is a crucial service that over 250 people use every year.

In 2003, Nightshelter received £155,154 in Local Authority funding. Last year £97,000 was cut from the budget leaving £60,000 to run the service.

Under proposals for the 2015 budget, they will receive nothing and have had to face the threat of closure, leaving an additional 10 – 12 people to sleep rough every night.

When our colleague, James Robinson, was told about the shortfall and the Crowdfunder campaign that had been set up to try and plug it, he decided to try to help.

“I think businesses have a responsibility and duty of care to help organisations that operate in their community. The thought of a project like that closing and 12 more people who could be living on the streets, is just horrible. I felt compelled to do something.”

That something began with a personal donation of £5,000 to the Save The Nightshelter Crowdfunder campaign. He also made a commitment that Hello Starling will donate £10 for every £10 donation received online, up to the value of £5,000.

And thanks to the 481 backers (at time of writing), the campaign reached the target of £21,000 needed to keep the project running for another 12 months!

Wonderful news – but the campaign doesn’t end there. An extended target of £27,000 has been set to try and raise further funds for services for the centre.

If you haven’t heard about the centre, you can read more about it and pledge a donation at the Crowdfunder site.