Those clever folk over at Sky have launched a system set to revolutionise the way advertisers reach their target audience.  Off the back of two years of development and a successful 6 month trial Sky Adsmart was launched just last month. Current users include big ballers, American Airlines, Audi and Tescos.


Gone are the days where everyone saw the same ads at the same time on the same channel.

Sky Adsmart allows advertisers to choose which sky box-sets receive their adverts, based on location and customer demographic. Not only that, their ad will only show when the selected household is tuned in.


Audience selection allows advertisers to specify their target audience based on features such as life stage, affluence and household composition. For example, a family with teenage children may be shown a mobile phone ad in place of a Pampers commercial.


Talk about getting personal!


Sky Adsmart will allow media buyers to make better use of their clients budget (we’re talking about you here), increasing the efficiency of campaigns and in turn increasing revenue, which is, afterall the ultimate goal. This is especially encouraging for smaller businesses who require more localised advertising and thus may have shunned TV advertising in the past.


Advertisers are communicating with the people that are of interest to them. And customers are seeing ads that are of interest to them. It’s a win win really!


Unless of course, as a customer, you view this as invasive and possibly a tad creepy…


If you’d like to get on board this exciting movement, do get in contact with us here at Hello Starling.   We’ll help you develop a tailored media plan for your company that will take an understanding of your customers and apply it to the powers of Sky Adsmart.

It’s time to hone in on your TV target audience.