Whilst not considered the ‘sexiest’ of media formats, a recent study by Holmes & Cook (2014) reveals that radio advertising is, in fact, one of the strongest in terms of building brand identity.


“Currently radio carries 6% of all advertising budgets, but this study demonstrates that if budgets were reallocated to give radio a 20% share of total spend – with no increase in overall expenditure – the total campaign ROI raises by over 8%.”


Radio advertising is…


1) Cost effective


The costs involved in the delivery of a radio campaign are minimal compared to print or TV. From production fees to buying media space, the finances required for radio advertising are well suited for smaller businesses looking to build awareness without blowing their marketing budget.


“Brands using radio get their money back nearly either times over on average, and in many sectors, radio offers the best ROI of any media”.


2) Speedy


Producing and placing a high-quality radio ad can be a relatively quick process – an idea can go from the drawing board to live radio in a matter of weeks.


3) Measurable


Due to the instant, trackable results of radio listening figures, you’re able to measure the reach of a campaign as soon as it’s active.


4) Flexible


A combined advantage of speediness and measurability is the flexibility it offers radio advertisers. Something’s not working? Try again. The opportunity to make changes to an ad based on real-time feedback, and have a new version up and running in no time, is a huge strength.


5) Portable


Radio is unique in that it can be enjoyed almost anywhere in conjunction with other fun activities such as cleaning the house, driving in traffic, mowing the lawn, even showering. This would explain why radio accounts for 25% of all daily media consumption time.


6) Friendly


Listeners develop friendships with radio presenters (be it a one-way relationship), and are more likely to trust a message associated with their show. The loyalty listeners demonstrate to their favourite radio channel surpasses that towards a website or TV channel.


7) Targetable


It is due to this listener loyalty that radio campaigns can be highly targeted to a specific audience. Radio stations tend to cater to niche markets providing a great platform for reaching specific groups, at relevant times and places. Sport fanatics to politics junkies. City commuters to students.


By Angharad Edwards