Our media planners will help you reach your target audience, but before we do that we want to know as much as possible about that target audience. We look at the obviously relevant demographic information but where possible we also look for more detail, because effective customer profiling will save you money (across your whole marketing program) and time while helping us to get your brand in front of the right people, at the right time, the right number of times.


Customer profiling provides much needed structure to a marketing plan. It helps you (and us) understand what the ideal customer is looking for, what matters to them most and how best to speak to them.


Another key benefit of profiling is that it removes some influence from the marketing team and external agents like ourselves. This might sound like something to be wary of, but providing distance via objective data helps everyone involved to make hard rational decisions about how best to proceed. After all we want to reach the target audience with your brand, not the marketing director or media planning team. This objectivity will help with every step of the project, from the creative right through to buying media spots and assessing outcomes.


Customer profiles aren’t the same as demographic information. While demographics usually provide the key dimensions that advertisers seek (age, location, gender etc), profiling groups these dimensions, along with other elements (psychographic/behavioral for instance) in creating the ideal customer profile. For example, being able to reach women aged 25 – 35 years old might have a certain value to a brand, but being able to reach women aged 25 – 35 with children at home will have far more value to manufacturers of toys. Having a complete profile then allows us to ascribe value to each dimension; it might, for instance, be vital (a primary trait) that the audience are mostly car drivers, and important (although less so – a secondary trait) that the audience is male.


Customer profiles, and the values ascribed to the traits provided (audience valuation), give us a firm base with which to plan and buy media. Beyond this, they provide objectives and deliverables to the marketing project as a whole, increasing the likelihood of reaching your target audience as efficiently as possible.


If you’d like help with any aspect of customer profiling, get in touch today to speak to one of our data specialists.


By Oliver Brown